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We welcome and encourage you to use this website to submit your appeal for your reconsideration of Value.

To facilitate the Reconsideration of Value process, please use this form when appealing an appraisal.

To properly request the Appraiser to reconsider the analysis and conclusions of his or her appraisal based on information not presented on the appraisal report, please provide complete and accurate details which support your basis for the reconsideration request (ROV).

If the form provides insufficient space, feel free to include additional information in your email or a separate word document. The more information you provide, the better the appraiser will be able to address your concerns.

REQUESTS RECEIVED AFTER 3PM EST WILL BE PROCESSED THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS DAY. Please allow the appraiser at least 2 business days to respond to the request.

Items to avoid

To ensure the best possible response from the appraiser, you must provide at least two additional comparables up to a total of five.

In helping to narrow the selection here is a list of items to avoid:

  • Providing comps that are already in the report.
  • Providing comps much larger or much smaller in hopes to develop a price per sq. ft. defense.
    • The Gross Living Area of the comparable should be comparable to the subject property, typically the difference in GLA should be less than +/-20% of the subject.
  • Providing comps that closed after the effective date of the report/appraisal.
    • An appraiser cannot use these sales.
  • Providing comps that are outside of the market area.
    • Appraisers cannot overlook homes in the immediate market and will only cross over to other similar markets when no sales are available within the subject market area.
  • Providing comps that are all newer and fully remodeled when the subject is not and there are sales of similar condition available.
  • Comparable sales should have similar characteristics including the style of the home, size of the lot, GLA, room/bedroom/bathroom count, age, condition, and quality of construction.
  • Do not upload or supply an appraisal or AVM from another lender.